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Cute Valentine's Sweaters from Amazon

With Valentine’s Day around the corner (and Love season being in full swing, right?!), I wanted to pull together some top finds for the cutest heart sweaters right from Amazon!

I’ve had a few of these saved in my cart for a few weeks, thinking it’d be crazy to order so soon (LOL) but I’m ready to bring some of these babies home! I am absolutely loving #5…and #6, and #7?! And 8?! Okay, I love them all.

Hearts and love should always be in season, so these can totally get more use throughout the year (there, rationalizing it for all of us). A few of these come in various color options, so there are plenty of choices to get your love sweater game on!

I’ve added a non-heart but romantic pearl sweater at the end because I think it's beautiful.

Which are you snagging? (You can click right on image to take you to it)

* This post contains affiliate links which may result in commission

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