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Toddler Travel Essentials

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

**This post contains affiliate links which could result in commission

Travelling with a toddler can be intimidating for a few different reasons…Their cooperation for starters. If it’s a long trip, you might want to plan some entertainments for them. If it’s air travel, you might want to think ahead to how to travel with all their baggage (playpen, car seat, stroller).

With so much planning to do, its easy to forget some of these extras until last minute when you realize…uh oh, how are we lugging this car seat through the airport?!

Here is my roundup of items I’ve personally travelled with that made the trip just a bit easier!

Car Seat Travel Bag:

Whether you’re checking your car seat or bringing it on the flight, this car seat bag acts as a backpack to easily carry it from stop to stop while still having access to your hands!

Umbrella Stroller Bag:

Another hand saver! With a strap to carry it on your shoulder, this stroller bag makes getting it around when not in use just that much easier and more organized. If you’re checking it (whether at check in or at the gate), you can get your folded umbrella stroller in here for an organized carry away that you can label with your name and information.

Tablet kids case:

If you’re bringing a tablet as entertainment, be sure to pick up one of these kid friendly covers (if it’s not a kid tablet and you’re bringing your own). This cover is extremely sturdy (had a few drops with no damage), keeps the tablet in place and secure, and is easy to carry around with the handle. Just a good thing to have on hand if you’re throwing your personal device into your bag to be used as kid entertainment. PLUS: lots of color options available!


Okay so you probably don’t want kids blaring a tablet loudly with all their favorite CocoMelon jams while on a crowded flight, or while you’re trying to focus on directions. I almost forgot a headset since we didn’t already have one and ended up grabbing this one for my little one (big Minnie fans here!) How stinkin’ cute is this one? I’ll also include some more options below.

Color options available!

Color options available:

Thanks for checking out this post! I hope this helps take some thinking off planning your next trip with your little ones!

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